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Are you spending too much time maintaining your boat?
Too busy to do all the maintenance your boat needs?
Looking for someone to manage your maintenance?
Selling your boat and want it ship shape?

We specialize in cleaning, restoring
protecting, repairing, refinishing
and maintaining your boat's finish!

We will take care of everything from a thorough wash down to cleaning, restoring and protecting all you boat's finishes.

Gelcoat, painted surfaces, brightwork, teak, stainless steel and aluminum all require specialized attention and products to protect them from the harsh marine environment. Left unprotected, your boat's finishes soon deteriorate and lose their gloss as the protective coatings break down. Gelcoat, paint, stainless steel, teak, canvas, vinyl, acrylic, plexiglass, lexan and rubber all require their own special care to remain in tiptop shape. 

Premier Yacht Maintenance provides a full spectrum yacht management services including regular detailing & maintenance services designed specifically for your needs. We can provide ongoing maintenance for your boat so you can cruise in comfort knowing your boat will sparkle and your investment is well protected.

Let us help you make your boat sparkle, so you
can have more time to enjoy boating!

Call us today or email for a free estimate and
evaluation of you boat's finish.


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