Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. I am planning to sell my boat.  There are lots of similar boats for sale and lots of completion.  What maintenance should I do to help sell my boat?

A. Premier Yacht Maintenance is specialized in helping boat and yacht owners successfully sell their boats.  A real turn off for a potential buyer is poorly maintained cosmetics surfaces needing repairs.  A clean, polished uncluttered boat from top to bottom, inside and out is hard to find fault with.  A clean deck, fylingridge, canvas, windows, interior cabins, galleys, heads and sleeping areas, with no lingering odours of mildew increase buyer's confidence in the boat.  A clean engine rooms and lockers, which are uncluttered make these areas look more spacious.  Gel coat, and wood need to look well maintained. Please check our Projects page for examples of completed projects. Staging a boat for sale is  just like staging a home and can make all the difference in closing the sale.

Q: I am planning a cruise and would like to schedule  the cleaning and waxing my boat. Will you be able to complete it in time?

A: Yes, if you schedule it in a timely fashion. The busy season starts in March and goes to September.  I suggest scheduling the work with some leeway if possible, to allow for bad weather, unless you keep your boat in a shelter.

Q: Can you polish &  wax my boat at my moorage slip ?

A:  We can clean, wash and wax most boats from the waterline up at their slip, provided we have access to fresh water and an electrical outlet.   If I am polishing & waxing from the waterline up, it may be necessary for you to turn your boat around after we complete one side. For larger boats  we can  complete the work using a dinghy.   It is usually faster to work on boats located at boat yards and storage facilities.

Q: Do you charge by the hour or by the foot?

A: Once I have inspected  the boat, I should be able to provide an accurate quote a for completing the work. 

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: Yes, I do guarantee all the work which I have been contracted to do. Our business is built on integrity and excellence.  We provide all my customers with a reliable high quality service utilizing a checklist to create a digital record of before and after pictures of all the boats and yachts we work on. These pictures are available for your reference and will be emailed to you upon completion of our contract.  We will also recommend a maintenance schedule with photos of problem spots should we discover any, to help  prevent expensive future repairs.

Q: What type of products do you use?

A: We use premium marine grade products for all the surfaces on your boat. Washing and cleaning can usually be done with biodegradable and environmentally safe products.  We use low impact cleaners to start with and move  to more aggressive cleaners depending on the surfaces we are working on.  Some brand names we use are 3M, Starbrite, Meguiar's, and Collinite, which have proven to be effective and are highly recommended by well known publications such as Practical Sailor.
Q: Do you use a buffer when waxing?

A: When applying a premium wax to a new or near new finish, we will usually apply the wax by hand and may use  polisher.  Hand waxing is done in areas the buffer cannot reach.  The action of buffing by hand or with the right type of polisher ensures the wax seals the surface, providing maximum protection

Q: If I have some small marine repairs can you help me find a skilled worker to complete the work?

A: We have skilled craftsman who can provide repairs to wood and fiberglass and installation of hardware and deck fittings.    Please contact us for more information about this service.

Q: If I want to do some of the detailing myself, can I work with you?

A: Certainly. We can show you the best techniques to use for some of the more difficult tasks. Please send us an email or call us  and we can set up a schedule.

Q: Which type of wax is better, paste or liquid?

A: A premium paste wax provides a more durable finish resulting in longer lasting protection. Practical Sailor has done extensive testing and is a good site see what they recommend.  

There are also some excellent liquid waxes which contain relatively high concentrations of natural carnauba wax, plus polymers and UV inhibitors. These provide a reasonably durable finish and are much faster to apply. 

Q: How do I obtain a quote?

A:  Either phone or email us so we can arrange a time to meet at your boat to complete an inspection and discuss the work that you want to have done.  Once we have a complete list, we will phone or email the estimate to you, whichever you prefer. Email: Premier Yacht Maintenance

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